Software is hackable. But we use hardware to avoid the hackers. Plus our own combination of biometric equipment to authenticate users and their respective permissions. We are well known IT and Biometric Subject Matter Experts. 

Data Centers are under constant siege. Our solution is to place documents, data and work flow beyond the reach of intruders. We design and build both custom and standalone solutions that use information bunkers and fortresses; secure areas where information and data can be safely stored, viewed and processed. 

Our solutions are designed to prevent the next range of attacks as well as the last set of attacks. Edge Protection (Firewalls) and Source Point Protection (Anti-virus) is a security model that is very effective at protecting against hackers using standard hacking methods. That model is specifically focused on historical hacks and historical methods of attack. We completely re-think the approach to the security of information, focusing on the combined social, physical, hardware, edifice, location, human factors, firmware, database and application layers.


We are Biometric, Computer and Cellular Leaders. 

Elven Riley teaches Securities Trading Analysis at Seton Hall University. He has designed and managed Trading Floors for several well known Wall Street Firms including: Citigroup, Nomura Securities, Salomon Brothers and Manufacturers Hanover Trust.  Some of his published articles include: "The Impact of the Global Financial Crisis on Firm-level Risk of the S&P 500."  Managerial Finance, Volume 39(7), 641-652 . June 2013.  "Team of Rivals: Can Corporate America and Academia Reconcile Their Worldviews and Work Together?"  The Journal of The New York Society of Security Analysts: The Investment Professional, 2(4), 79-83. September 2009. "The Place from Whence We Came: Micro-origins of the Financial Crisis."  The Journal of The New York Society of Security Analysts: The Investment Professional. August 2009. 

Michael Cherry has designed and built products sold by IBM and Sony. He also built funds transfer products for JPMorgan Chase and many other international banks. He addressed the United Nations Counter-Terrorism Committee. His topic was Information Technology Security and the latest border-control systems that authenticate the identity of individuals through the use of iris or fingerprint scans. He addressed several of the difficult authentication issues associated with manual and electronic fingerprint matching at the National Academy of Sciences.  He votes on law enforcement biometric standards at the invitation of the United States Department of Commerce, National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST). The United States Department of Justice Website has links to two of his fingerprint articles: How We Can Improve the Reliability of Fingerprint Identification  Michael Cherry; Edward Imwinkelried A Cautionary Note About Fingerprint Analysis and Reliance on Digital Technology Michael Cherry; Edward Imwinkelried 

Mark Switzer is a senior system architect and an IT pioneer. He was active in the development of first generation behavioral biometrics. His solutions have been applied to both animals and humans.

While working for IBM Corporation he participated in:
•       The capture and replacement of checks with digital images.
•       The implementation of digital mug shots.
•       The development of early internet foundations.
•       The development of large scale document imaging.


Michael Cherry 201 513-8300 


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